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Hi! Welcome to Skill Payer

The world is no longer a global village but has sporadically become a global bedroom. Now you can stay in the comfort of your bedroom and get many problems solved, create a new world and above all make a lot of money affecting lives in all ramifications.

SkillPayer is an online application that creates the most comfortable home business for any category of users. It is designed for anyone who can click a button on the computer, use a mobile phone or even with the least of knowledge gadgets. Users can advertise their skills, ideas and businesses for visibility all over the world, they can also recharge their phones (airtime and data) and that of others, pay bills, recharge Cable TV, Exams cards etc earning huge commissions while making a lot of money helping others to succeed in life.

With SkillPayer, anyone can build an unlimited residual income meaning you make money even while sleeping or holidaying all over the world. This is one of the best breakthroughs in human history; you can’t afford to miss this great opportunity. Simply register, fund your wallet with the community currency, pick a membership package, post your ads and begin to smile to the bank. It is that simple and easy to use. All earnings are withdrawable to the owner’s bank account within 48hours but with a flat withdrawal charge of 100SKC


All transactions in the community shall be carried out with SkillCoin (SKC) which is equivalent to the local currencies of countries where Skillpayer exists. For instance:

1SKC = 1$, 1SKC = 1N etc.

SkillPayer is evolutionary and so will continue to expand the platform with much more functionalities as the days go by. Please visit our blog – https://www.skillpayerblog.com


Skill Payer is the smartest way to find the best services for all your works

  • Aggregation of all professions

    Aggregation of all professions in the world including professional or artisan jobs.

  • Job and Contract opportunities

    Job and Contract opportunities

  • Taxi operations

    Taxi operations

  • Skill Acquisition

    Skill Acquisition

  • Jobseekers Productions (Movie and Music Productions)

    Jobseekers Productions (Movie and Music Productions)

  • Unique cryptocurrency (SkillCoin)

    Unique cryptocurrency (SkillCoin)

  • Mobile Recharge (Airtime, Data etc)

    Mobile Recharge (Airtime, Data etc)

  • Bill Payment (Dstv, Startimes, Gotv PHCN, WAEC) etc

    Bill Payment

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