Recharge Card Printing

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business

Recharge card business in Nigeria is now bigger than oil business. Those recharge vouchers you buy by the road side, in your office, church or even in the farm etc are printed by human beings who were not extraordinarily created.

Starting recharge card printing business is not a big deal. You only have to put some things in place and have a reliable recharge card dealer in Nigeria like SKILLPAYER NETWORK that will be supplying you ePins. Things you need to start recharge card printing business include :
1 - Computer : can be a desktop computer or laptop
2 - Printer: Laserjet recommended because of speed and tonner conservation.
3 - A4 size papers
4 - ePins of any network you want to print
5 - Recharge card printing software below:
Version 1 -  DOWNLOAD v1 

Version 2 -  DOWNLOAD v2 

Internet access is not compulsory but necessary. Our recharge card printing software does not require internet for printing recharge cards. You only need internet to download the software from our site and get your epins in your email box.

Once you have your laptop, printer and papers ready, pay the software fee into the account details below:
Account Number: 0100781927
Bank: Diamond Bank
After payment proceed to download Recharge Card Printing Software by clicking the Download v1 link above. Send a mail of your details and the serial number of the software you are trying to download to, the activation code will be sent to you in reply. Install the software and ensure you learn how to use it, it's simple to understand, however you may attend any of our seminars close to where you live or talk to your upline for any support needed.

Having mastered how to use the software, proceed to order for your ePins at the prevailing prices. Once delivered to you, upload to the recharge card printing software and print them out accordingly.

After printing, sell and make your money.

Note that this a game of number, the volume of your sales will determine how much money you make from recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

Convert your networks to your networth, make daily income and break free from not having enough. SKILLPAYER is your best bet.

Feel free to ask any questions via, SHARE this with your friends, colleagues and even your enemies. The more you share, the money money you make, the more you build into the future when there won't be strength for you to work again. We wish you great success.

Bon Voyage!

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