Please find below how Skill Payer works and what you stand to benefit

How It Works


When a user registers, he has access to all the functions of the application. He can search for existing professionals closest to him to render any service. He also can be called for jobs if he indicated interest in such at the point of registration or advertised his skills and businesses.

The same user can recharge his phone, buy data, recharge Cable TV and pay other bills and also sell same with commissions and highly attractive compensation plan. Skill Loans is also available to all members.

*You must be sponsored by an existing registered member
*Create an account with the referral email address
*You will be automatically logged in and have access to all functions
*To recharge phones, buy data, recharge Cable TV and pay other bills, you will have to create a Transaction Wallet by clicking Services, Fund the Wallet by paying directly into the account displayed and sending a mail of the payment details to Your Transaction Wallet will be funded promptly.

Registration is in Five (5) different categories based on your pocket:
1. Dream Free
2. Bronze N5,000
3. Silver N10,000
4. Gold N30,000
5. Ultimate N50,000

1. Direct referral bonus - (20% for all packages)
2. Indirect referral bonus (10% -- 1%)
3. Leadership bonus
4. Award / Incentive
5. VTU/Data Recharges/Cable TV/Exams etc
6. Free Business Loans
6. Earn from purchases of Solar Generator in your team

You get 20% of registration fee of all members you sponsor directly.
Dream - (Dream members earn only from their direct referrals in referral bonus)
Bronze - (Bronze members earn up to 3 generations in referral bonus)
Silver - (Silver members earn up to 5 generations in referral bonus)
Gold - (Gold members earn up to 7 generations in referral bonus)
Ultimate (Ultimate members earn up to 10 generations in referral bonus)
Indirect Down lines are people sponsored by your direct down lines, down to 9th level. Indirect bonus is earned as follows:
2nd level 10%
3rd level 3%
4th level 2%
5th level 1%
6th level 1%
7th level 1%
8th level 1%
9th level 1%
10th level 1%

Every newly registered member of skillpayer is given SP (Skill Point) as follows:
Ultimate 200SP
Gold 100SP
Silver. 50SP
Bronze 20SP

The same referral percentages apply to the earning of SPs by uplines. Any month a member, through newly registered members, accumulates up to 20,000SP, he begins to earn N100,000 Monthly as Activity Allowance in the network. This being reward for exceptional Team building efforts. This is the third way you can make money on Skill payer.

The fourth way you make money from Skillpayer is through winning awards. These are incentives to motivate member to aim high and work hard. Once again, it is based on SPs accumulated from your membership and new entrants to your network (TEAM). They are as follows.

i. INTERNATIONAL TRIP AWARD to the tune of N500,000
Accumulate over time 30,000SP from all registered members in your network and qualify for a Tourism / Vacation trip to Dubai or Receive N500,000 cash.
ii. CAR AWARD to the tune of N3,000,000
Accumulate 60,000 SP over time from all registered members of your network (TEAM) and qualify to receive a car or N3million cash from the network.
iii. HOUSE FUNDS to the tune of N5,000,000
Accumulate 100,000SP from registered members of your Team over time and qualify for a House Fund worth N5million cash.

Every newly registered member of skillpayer is given SP (Skill Point) as follows:
Ultimate registration normally earns 200 SP
Direct referral 20% of 200SP 40SP
2nd level 10% 20SP
3rd level 3% 6SP
4th level 2% 4SP
5th level 1% 2SP
6th level 1% 2SP
7th level 1% 2SP
8th level 1% 2SP
9th level 1% 2SP
10th level 1% 2SP

Gold 100 SP
Direct referral 20% of 100SP 20SP
2nd level 10% 10SP
3rd level 3% 3SP
4th level 2% 2SP
5th level 1% 1SP
6th level 1% 1SP
7th level 1% 1SP
8th level 1% 1SP
9th level 1% 1SP
10th level 1% 1SP

Silver. 50 SP
Direct referral 20% of 50PV 10PV
2nd level 10% 5PV
3rd level 3% 1.5PV
4th level 2% 1PV
5th level 1% 0.5SP
6th level 1% 0.5SP
7th level 1% 0.5SP
8th level 1% 0.5SP
9th level 1% 0.5SP
10th level 1% 0.5SP

Bronze 20 PV
Direct referral 20% of 20PV 4PV
2nd level 10% 2PV
3rd level 3% 0.6SP
4th level 2% 0.4SP
5th level 1% 0.2SP
6th level 1% 0.2SP
7th level 1% 0.2SP
8th level 1% 0.2SP
9th level 1% 0.2SP
10th level 1% 0.2SP

The fifth way you make money in skillpayer is through the dispensing of telecoms products. Nigeria as at today spends nothing less than N500b on phone calls every month, the money only ends up in the pocket of those who are smart and are never afraid of little beginnings. skillpayer offers all members the opportunity to make good money from their daily lifestyles. Listed below are the commissions you earn each time you use any of the products or sell to your contacts:

Airtel Airtime 2.00%
MTN Airtime 2.00%
GLO Airtime 2.00%
9mobile Airtime 2.00%
DSTV Subscription 1.00%
Airtel Data 2.00%
MTN Data 2.00%
GLO Data 2.00%
9mobile Data 2.00%
Gotv Payment 1.00%
Startimes Subscription 1.50%
Ikeja Electric Payment - PHCN 1.00%
Eko Electric Payment - PHCN 0.50%
WAEC Scratch Card N30.00
Abuja Electric - AEDC 0.70%
KEDCO - Kano Electric 0.70%
PHED - Port Harcourt Electric 0.75%
Jos Electric - JED 0.50%
SMS N2.00

Members make money from every solar generator bought on the platform viz:
1st Generation 5%
2nd Generation 2%
3rd Generation 1%
4th Generation 1%
5th Generation 1%

Apart from the enumerated benefits above, skillpayer holds regular skills training programmes for pay members in different vocations of their choice. In addition, Jobseekers Productions helps creative members of the network to get exposed to the world via their talents. The recording label records their music and shoot the video with no financial commitment at an agreed terms.

We also offer FREE NO COLLATERAL, NO INTEREST BUSINESS LOANS UP TO N1M. Please check Skill Loans for details.

Only those who have something to sell, have money to spend. No matter who you are, or your level in life, you will surely find something beneficial in skillpayer network. Join the moving train now as we together put smiles on people's faces. It is an assignment.

SKILL PAYER NETWORK IS NOT A BUSINESS, IT IS A MOVEMENT, let's join hands to wipe out poverty in our society. Wishing you great success in building your dreams.

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